For firms


We offer various floral services and arrangements made out of both cut and potted plants.

It includes:

  • complex customer service
  • individual approach to every aspect of service
  • floral decoration for events , workshops, conference meetings
  • floral arrangements of offices with potted plants and their maintenance
  • festive decoration
  • flower delivery
  • we offer ceramic pots, holders, hydroponic systems for commercial spaces. In our offer one can find not only plants but also accessories.
  • we always choose the products in accordance with the decor and aesthetics.
  • in our offer one can find both small “office” pots as well as one meant for shopping malls and hotels.

Healing of plants

We successfully heal plants from various diseases becauses we take into account all the variables. That is why we recommend professional care provided by our employees who are well qualified to do it.

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