Planting and replanting of plants

Planting and replanting of plants

We perform planting and replanting of plants according to the craft with special care to securing the plants. Our employees have both the experience and credentials so you can be sure that the order will be executed as it should be form start to finish. if you have doubts we can assist you with choosing the right species of plants. 

We will help with arranging your balcony or garden. We invite you to have a meeting we would like to hear your thoughts and input on this matter. Based on your preferences we will select plants with are best suited for you as well as help with their maintenance.


We offer:

  • transport
  • ceramic pots
  • plants ( bushes, herba perennis, seasonal plants)
  • planting of plants with fertilizer
  • decorative and functional lanterns
  • arrangement and placement of all the objects at the destination

We offer planting plants such as:

  • coniferous trees and shrubs
  • deciduous trees and shrubs
  • avenue trees
  • fruit trees and shrubs
  • hedge bushes
  • balcony plants
  • potted plants

Our services are available in Poznań and nearby areas. In order to meet our clients expectation to the maximum we always make detailed arrangements regarding the course of work and terms of cooperation. We thoroughly analyze the scope of services and tailor specific solutions to the individual needs of the client.

We have professional equipment specialized for gardening and earthwork and guarantee timely manner of execution.

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